Keep moisture outside

Garage Moisture Control Unit

Multi-Vent is the only multipurpose moisture control solution for garages,  baby barns, greenhouses and other confined areas.

Thank you Multi-Vent!

“I just wanted to let you know that I was having problems with humidity, frost on the windows, garage door and main door in my two door garage. I was told about the Multi-Vent, so I decided to install one. After about 2 or 3 weeks, I was amazed by what it did. Not only did it take care of the frost and humidity, it helped reduce the fumes in my garage. I even had to lower the heat in my garage during the winter. I never used to wash my vehicles in the garage, now with the Multi-Vent even the floor is dry after a few hours.”


Thank You!

“Before I installed the Multi-Vent there was water everywhere in the garage. Now – Problem Solved. The unit is working 24/7 and doing a great job. I am very pleased with the results” P.C.



“My garage floor was always wet due to melting snow brought in with the cars, snowmobiles and ATV. I bought a WizzVent® to see if it would help solve the water problem in my garage. I installed the unit, which was done quite easily, and within 2 days the garage floor had no more water and the air quality had improved. Thank you for a great product. Keep up the good work!”


Skeptic converted

“I have just purchased and installed your Multi-Vent, I was a little skeptical at first but I have to tell you it works great. I have an attached garage and was having problems with fumes entering into my home. I also had a problem with humidity and wet floors in the winter time. Thank you very much and I am very pleased with it.”

Donald Brun – New Brunswick

The Multi-Vent, WOW!

“After installing my Multi-Vent I noticed that there was something missing. The infamous “Garage Smell” that I was all so familiar with was gone (WOW). My garage had this smelly mixture of old lawn mower, gasoline, damp concrete floor, with a topping of wet garbage. It was not just unpleasant to smell but also it made it embarrassing to show my new garage to friends. Now my wife is off my case about my smelly garage. I want to thank you for coming up with such an ingenious system.”

Marc G – Moncton, New Brunswick